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When you go away on holiday you want to know that your pet will be safe and having a good time too. Here at moneysavingpetcentre.com we list boarding kennels, boarding catteries, dog home boarding and small animal boarding services in the UK for you to browse through to help you locate the right boarding service for your pet.

We encourage boarding service owners to add information about their boarding services, facilities and fees to help you choose the best boarding facilty for your pet.

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  • Preventable Deadly Virus Spreading in the Midwest. Is Your Dog Protected?
    Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) sent out a grave warning yesterday to dog lovers everywhere. In the past week alone, the shelter has seen dozens of dogs at their intake doors infected with canine parvovirus. Canine parvovirus is completely preventable with a routine vaccination. While the benefits and risks of vaccines have been debated, especially for humans, these preventative measures are extremely successful at protecting our pups from dangerous diseases. IACS said on Facebook, Canine parvovirus, or parvo, is a highly contagious, life-threatening disease and it’s only going to continue to spread throughout our community unless pet owners heed the warnings and get their dogs vaccinated against it. The warning included pictures of two adorable puppies. These poor babies were surrendered by their family when they tested positive for the virus. Tragically, there was a third puppy in their care that did not survive the drive to the shelter. Someone failed to protect these puppies, and they sadly will pay for it with their lives. Photo Indianapolis Animal Care Services Facebook Urging People to Get Their Dog Fully Protected The shelter warns that the virus will continue to spread, rapidly. Anyone with a dog, especially anywhere near Indianapolis, should ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-24
  • Ringo’s Last Ride: Poodle Follows Miss Norma’s Footsteps with End of Life Road Trip
    In late 2015, the day after her husband, Leo, of nearly 70 years was admitted to hospice, Miss Norma learned that she had a large, cancerous mass in her uterus. Two days after losing Leo she and her son sat in her doctor’s office to discuss treatment options. The usual combination of surgery, chemo, and radiation were on the table. The doctor asked Miss Norma how she would like to proceed. Her son reported on Facebook, A tiny woman at 101 pounds and under five-feet tall, an exhausted Norma looked the young doctor dead in the eye and with the strongest voice she could muster, said, “I’m 90-years-old, I’m hitting the road.” Image Driving Miss Norma Facebook Image Driving Miss Norma Facebook Image Driving Miss Norma Facebook Thus began a year long journey with Miss Norma, Tim, and Ramie (her son and daughter-in-law), and their standard poodle, Ringo. They traveled together via RV and chronicled the trip in a later published book and on a dedicated Driving Miss Norma Facebook page. As you can imagine, everywhere they went, their energy, enthusiasm and love of life simply lit up the room. Miss Norma died peacefully and with no ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-24
  • Distraught Woman Fired After Taking Day Off to Grieve the Loss of Her Beloved Pup
    If you love dogs, you know that furry paws make no difference when it comes to the place that they hold in our hearts. Our pups are family, and the loss of a dog is devastating. Emma McNulty felt the heartbreak of losing her beloved companion when her dog of 14 years, Milly, unfortunately passed away. Emma and her family were crushed by the sudden loss, and struggling to make it through that difficult day.
    Change.orgEmma was scheduled to work that afternoon at a local shop in Scotland and was shocked at the events that were soon to unfold. She messaged her manager explaining the terrible loss that she and her family had just endured, only to be met with absolute hostility when she told her manager that she would not be able to work her shift. Emma explained that she felt physically ill due to the pain of losing Milly and how Milly was just as important to her as any other member of her family. Even with explaining Milly’s significance, her boss was unwilling to give her time off to grieve. Instead of the compassion that she deserved, she was sent multiple messages explaining that if she ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-24



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