• Veterinarian Drives Over An Hour Out Of His Way To Save A Senior Dog’s Life
    Chris and Mariesa Hughes have been passionate about dogs their whole lives. They even started the Mr. Mo Project, which is a rescue made specifically to help senior dogs. So, they spend a lot of time around dogs, and of course, they always want what is best for their own furbabies. When their senior Chihuahua named Mabel became very sick one day, they knew they had to do whatever they could to save her. Mabel is 16 years old, and she was adopted by Chris and Mariesa in 2016. Mabel has had lots of medical issues in the past, but that has never stopped her from being fierce and in charge of the house. A few years ago, some of Mabel’s health conditions lead to her having breathing problems. The couple had taken her to Cornell University Hospital for Animals in Ithaca where they were able to help her in any way possible. 
    Image: Screenshot, @CornellVet/FacebookMabel went through many surgeries at that hospital, and now, she breathes out of a hole in her throat. Her parents closely monitor her breathing at all times. Their situation might not seem ideal to some dog parents, but Chris and Mariesa will do ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-12-15
  • Formerly Homeless Veteran Reunited With Stolen Service Dog
    When thieves made off with U.S. veteran David Drake’s SUV in Ohio, they got away with much more than that. His beloved service dog and companion Gemma, a Lab/Pit mix, was inside the stolen vehicle. The good people behind Maslow’s Army refused to give up on getting her back. Maslow’s Army, run entirely by volunteers, is an organization committed to helping homeless people. They serve meals, provide shuttle transport, and even give peer guidance. According to the organization’s website, they take special interest in veterans and families with children. “Our end vision is to offer hope to the cities less fortunate and homeless population by providing the skills needed to become self sufficient.” Service dogs are famous for doing this same thing. These specially trained dogs can give people suffering from mental illness or physical disability their lives back. Gemma being missing meant a loss of stability for Drake. Samuel and Susan Landis, co-founders of Maslow’s Army, posted the dog’s photo on Facebook with a request for help finding her. They even offered a $1,000 reward for her safe return. After a little over a month, they updated the post with the news Gemma had been found. I’m sure you’ll ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-12-14
  • Injured Mama Dog Abandoned In Watery Ditch Thanks Rescuers With Endless Kisses
    An abandoned mama dog has a long road to recovery ahead of her. Nelly, a Staffy mix, was discovered in a water-filled ditch in Birmingham, U.K. A man walking his dog spotted her and attempted to bring her onto dry land. Nelly had been bound with a martial arts belt and tied to a nearby fence. Local firefighters were called to assist in her rescue.
    Photo via Animal House Rescue/FacebookThe dog was incredibly grateful to her rescuers and showered them with kisses. However, the freezing ditch water was just the start of Nelly’s ordeal. Her left front paw was severely injured and infected. Veterinarians also discovered she had recently given birth. No puppies were found with Nelly, but her mammary glands were still leaking milk. They also determined that her injuries were not new. There’s no saying how long poor Nelly suffered in agony before she was dumped, or how long she waited for someone to come along and find her.
    Photo via Animal House Rescue/FacebookVet staff contacted Animal House Rescue hoping they would be willing to sponsor the abandoned dog. After seeing her photos, they knew they had to help. (Note: Images of Nelly’s injured paw are ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-12-14
  • Montana Shelter Rescues Over 30 Huskies From The Wild
    Bitter Root Humane Association in Montana first learned about a group of wild Huskies when they received a call about a Husky that needed their leg amputated after being shot. Then, they later received another call about 3 Huskies running loose. When they looked into these events closer, they found that they were dealing with more than just a few dogs. As it turns out, there were over 30 Huskies found roaming free in the wild! The humane association worked hard for about 60 hours to bring all the dogs to the shelter. They ended up rescuing 39 Huskies, which included a litter of puppies. They don’t know much about the history of these dogs, but they are determined to make sure they all find a good home.
    Image: Screenshot, wgme.comHowever, after all these Huskies arrived, the shelter became overcrowded. They already had 17 dogs and some cats and birds at their shelter, so they barely have room for these new dogs. They have reached out to some Husky rescue organizations to see if they could help, but right now, the shelter is accommodating the dogs in any way possible. For now, the adult dogs will be housed in ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-12-14
  • No Home for the Holidays: Dogs Being Set Loose so their Family Can Afford Christmas Vacation
    An alarming trend has been identified in Australia leading up to and during this holiday season. Families are abandoning their pets to avoid paying expenses related to boarding them whilst the family travels for Christmas. The practice is naturally sparking outrage among more responsible animal lovers and causing problems for shelters with swelling populations.   Mayhem Ensues for Shelters in Melbourne Australian Animal Protection Society vice-president Sue Thompson told the Australian publication The Age that people are letting their pets loose, hoping that they will be picked up and brought to a shelter to be cared for. Even more? Some of them will attempt to bring their dog back home with them from the shelter after they return to Melbourne. This is a practice that area shelters will not abide.  “Quite often people go overseas for Christmas holidays and because it costs so much for kennels, they would prefer to get rid of them,”  Thompson said.  “They ring when they are back from holidays and ask if they can adopt their own pet back. We would never allow that,” she added. Area shelters have seen a steady increase in owner surrenders and intake, which is only rising as the big day draws nearer. ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-12-14
  • Man Rushes To The Rescue When A Pomeranian’s Leash Gets Trapped In Elevator Doors
    In a recent video, Johnny Mathis came out of the elevator at his apartment home in Texas. He had parked in the underground garage, so he used the elevator to make his way back up to the ground floor, which is where his apartment was. He never expected to be a hero that day, but when he saw a dog in danger, he knew he had to think fast. That’s what caused him to save the life of a sweet little Pomeranian in the end. In the security footage from the apartment complex, Mathis is seen exiting the elevator just before a woman and her Pomeranian approach. The little dog seems curious, and he takes his time getting onto the elevator. 
    Image: Screenshot, cnn.comHowever, the dog’s mom quickly hops onto the elevator without looking back. Before she realizes that her baby is not behind her, the elevator doors start closing with the little dog still outside.  As soon as Mathis sees the doors close on the dog’s leash, he rushes to the rescue. Right away, he could hear the woman screaming on the other side. She had clearly noticed her mistake immediately. At that point, she was probably ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-12-14
  • Creating The Perfect Holiday Meal For Your Dog!
    With the holidays approaching, your dog needs something special to feast on. Of course, you’re cooking the tastiest meals for you and your human family, but what about your furry family members? They’ve been eating the same boring food all year long, so it’s time to give them a change and make their holiday feasts special. iHeartDogs has partnered with “I and love and you”, a company that makes extremely good food for your dog. They have lots of amazing, filler-free food options for your dog to enjoy. If you’re looking for something special for your dog this time of year, then give this brand’s wet food line a try! It will be sure to satisfy your dog’s happiness and hunger this holiday season. There are 5 Delicious Flavors If your dog is a picky eater, “I and love and you” has plenty of great wet food for them to choose from. They can try Beef Booyah, Cluckin’ Good, Gobble it Up, Lamb-a-Rama, and Moo Moo Venison Stew. Each delicious flavor has different protein options for dogs with different needs and preferences. If your dog has multiple favorite flavors, you can purchase a variety pack with two of the ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-12-13
  • How To Celebrate Your Dog This Holiday Season
    With Christmas approaching, you’re likely trying to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. When it comes to your dog, you might think a new toy or a delicious treat is the best way to show them you care, but this holiday season, you need to celebrate your dog. Show them you love them more than you usually do and give them something they’ll never forget. iHeartDogs has partnered with “I and love and you” because they know exactly how to make your dog feel special, especially this time of year. They know that love is a priority, so they’ve created a line of dog food and treats that your dog won’t be able to resist this Christmas. So, how exactly can “I and love and you” help you celebrate your dog this holiday season? Give Them the Best Food “I and love and you” believes the best way to show your dog you love them is to give them the perfect dog food. That’s why they’ve created a dog food that is both healthy and delicious. They have a variety of food and treats for your furry friends to choose from including Baked & Saucy, which is ... read more
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  • Top Dog Names: What to Name Your New Dog
    The post Top Dog Names: What to Name Your New Dog by Melissa L. Kauffman appeared first on Dogster. Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on My husband and I could not agree on a name for our new puppy. As he looked like a small Pharaoh Hound, I wanted to name him something Egyptian, likes Ramses. My husband completely disagreed and wanted to name him after a favorite thing — namely his favorite NFL football team. We flipped a coin, and unfortunately my husband won. Our dog is named Tampa Bay, and we call him Tampa for short. Unfortunately, everyone who meets him thinks he is a girl dog and that we named him that because we were from Tampa Bay, Florida. Justice came to us from the shelter as “Jeremy.” We kept the J ... read more
    Source: DogsterPublished on 2019-12-13
  • 6 Tips To Help Your Dog Cope This Christmas
    Adorable terrier mixed breed dog in front of a decorated Christmas tree with room on the right for text Christmas is a magical time, but did you know that it’s also the time of year when most dog bites in the home occur? It isn’t difficult to see why, so by understanding why it can be so stressful for dogs, it’s easy prevent your dog from becoming anxious and unhappy. Carolyn Menteith, Trainer and Behaviourist for Agria Pet Insurance, explains what the triggers are and how to help minimise stress: Most dogs can cope with the temporary craziness of Christmas – but, for a surprisingly large number, it’s stressful and worrying. In the Nightmare Before Christmas scenario, the dog is under-exercised, over stimulated, under-supervised and over-threshold. An accident waiting to happen. A dog’s usually predictable home is a scene of upheaval, with things everywhere and unexpected visitors to the house. To make things worse, the dog is probably getting less physical exercise than usual while the adults seem to be running around doing everything that don’t include the dog.  So how to make sure you all have a merry Christmas? Remember your dog’s needs don’t stop for the festive season. ... read more
    Source: PetsmagPublished on 2019-12-13
  • Family Devastated After Veterinarian Accidentally Euthanizes The Wrong Dog
    A Utah family is dealing with the emotional aftermath of losing their Beloved pup, Ziggy. After being rushed to emergency surgery with an intestinal blockage, the veterinary office made a devastating mistake. Ziggy’s family became concerned when the dachshund puppy began to experience difficulty breathing, along with the inability to keep his food or water down. They rushed their furry companion to the emergency vet closest to their home, where they learned that he would need emergency surgery.
    AndreaMartinez/FacebookZiggy had an intestinal blockage that was a result of eating something he shouldn’t have. This is a common medical problem in the dog world, with dogs being so keen to grab just about everything they can. In cases like these, dogs will need to have the blockage surgically removed before the intestines are severely impacted, or the result is often death. With this critical prognosis, the Martinez family agreed to do whatever it took to help save Ziggy.
    AndreaMartinez/FacebookDuring the surgery, the veterinarian found Ziggy’s situation to be much more severe than it had originally appeared on X-ray. His intestines had been significantly damaged, and the procedure would be much more extensive. Due to high complication rate of a ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-12-13
  • Frenchie Mercury Transforms From Paralyzed Pup To Shining Star!
    The Mr.Mo Project is an organization dedicated to finding loving homes and lifetime support for senior dogs in need. Though their typical rescues are often grey in the face, they just couldn’t turn away a spunky French Bulldog puppy with an incredible will to persevere.
    Frenchy_mercury/InstagramChris and Mariesa Hughes were notified of a tiny Frenchie puppy with a devastating spinal defect that left him unable to use his back legs. Though their rescue is dedicated to the support of senior dogs in need, they decided to go ahead and meet the adorable French Bulldog puppy anyways. Once they laid eyes this small yet vivacious pup, they just couldn’t say no.
    Frenchy_mercury/InstagramThey immediately welcomed the paralyzed puppy into the care of the Mr.Mo project, and even gave him a name that fit his outgoing personality. They named him Freddy Mercury in honor of the animated singer, and this name couldn’t have been more fitting!
    Frenchy_mercury/InstagramDespite the severe spinal defect that Freddy was born with, he still had a personality that could brighten anyone’s day. Though he was unable to move his back legs, he was determined to defy the odds and become the playful and outgoing puppy he ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-12-13
  • Santa Visits Romanian Shelter Each Year To Pass Out Toys & Goodies
    Sava’s Safe Haven is a family-run animal shelter in Galati, Romania. Since 2012, veterinary technician Alexandra Sava has worked alongside relatives and friends to care for dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits in need. Every holiday season, the family prepares a special holiday event for the pets in their care.
    Photo via Sava’s Safe Haven/FacebookThey gather donated toys, treats, food, and supplies from all over the world, and pile them into Santa’s sack. On Christmas Day, Sava’s father or brother dons a festive red suit complete with fluffy white beard, and delivers the gifts to the delighted dogs.
    Photo via Sava’s Safe Haven/Facebook“We do this because some of the shelter animals are here for over 6 years,” Sava told the Good News Network. “Unfortunately due to various reasons their chances of adoption are low, and they deserve to feel the spirit of Christmas!”
    Photo via Sava’s Safe Haven/FacebookUnfortunately, Romania is notorious for its large stray dog population. Even the animals that are kept as pets are not treated as beloved companions like they are in other areas of the world. Dogs are often kept chained without proper food, shelter, or veterinary care. The problem is further compounded by ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-12-13
  • Sorry, But This All Dog Nativity Play Is Better Than Yours
    If you’re planning on putting up a Nativity play this year, you’ve got some real big shoes to fill. The best Nativity play I’ve ever seen happened in England with the cutest cast of actors: all dogs. And lucky for us all that event was captured on camera. Wags to Riches, a family grooming service, has absolutely mastered the art of the group dog photo. This, as many of us dog people know, is no easy feat. Thank goodness for that, because they brought us the most iconic Christmas photo of the last few years. On Twitter, Wags to Riches shared some behind the scenes pictures from a nativity play they put on with their pups and pup clients. Because it’s incredible, it obviously went viral. The tweet has over 1400 retweets and 3100 likes.
    @to_wags/TwitterUnfortunately, Frankie the Golden Retriever has since gone to the Rainbow Bridge, according to Wags to Riches. I’m glad he got to be a star in life! Is this a perfect picture or what? The towel and blanket based costuming is a little light, but the attention to detail is elsewhere. The hay on the floor, the shining star, and of course the little ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-12-13
  • Dogs Adore and Cats Don’t Care, Even While Dreaming
    We’ve all been there. Your pooch is sleeping soundly beside you on the couch and she enters REM sleep. Her body is twitching, eyes are moving rapidly, and she may even whine, growl, or lightly bark. Your little sweetie is dreaming. There is no question that dogs dream, personifying and connecting them even further to their human companions. But what do they dream about?   Harvard Psychologist Makes a Doting Assumption Dr. Deirdre Barrett is a Clinical and Evolutionary Psychologist at Harvard Medical School. She has spent many years of her career studying human sleep behavior. From a very early age, she has been mesmerized by dreams, so much so that she built her career around their study. In the course of her work, she has learned quite a bit about humans and animals alike. She shared some connections she has made between humans and dogs while dreaming. She told People “Humans dream about the same things they’re interested in by day, though more visually and less logically. “There’s no reason to think animals are any different. Since dogs are generally extremely attached to their human owners, it’s likely your dog is dreaming of your face, your smell and of ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-12-12
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