• What to Know About a 6-Year-Old Dog
    The post What to Know About a 6-Year-Old Dog by Audrey Pavia appeared first on Dogster. Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on When my Australian Cattle Dog mix, Candy, first came to live with me, she was 6 years old. I’d adopted her from a local animal shelter where, three weeks prior, her family had surrendered her because they were moving. Six years of age is a tough time for a dog to have to make a huge life change. By the age of 6, most dogs have reached middle age. For some larger dogs, 6 is the beginning of the senior years. Dogs this age are set in their ways and have developed a strong bond with their family. Candy was no exception. After we brought her home, she spent several months in a depressed state, sleeping in a ... read more
    Source: DogsterPublished on 2019-07-18
  • UPDATE: Adorable Rescued Great Dane Puppy Gets a New Leg and New Life – and Now a New Family!
    Do you remember Rosie? In 2015 iHeartDogs shared the story of a little Great Dane pup who lost her leg. Her mother stepped on it and broke it, and the cast she was required to wear cut circulation off to the limb. Without a leg, her breeder wanted to euthanize her since she could no longer be sold, but Big Hearts Dog Rescue saved her and paid to give her the surgery she would need to live.
    Image source: Big Hearts Dog RescueWhen we first told you about Rosie, she was 10 weeks old, and living with a foster family.
    Rosey with her Foster brother. Image source: Big Hearts Dog Rescue 
    Image source: Specialized Veterinary ServicesBig Hearts Dog Rescue reached out to Hanger Clinic in Clearwater, Florida, which created the prosthetic tail for Winter, the dolphin. They fit Rosie with a new prothetic leg, and she was learning to walk on it.
    Image source: Big Hearts Dog RescueBut as we know, Great Danes grow! And Rosie is now on her thirteenth prosthetic leg, and she has a new home with someone special!
    Looking forward to Medtronic event tomorrow! Rosie will ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-07-18
  • Shelter Waives Adoption Fees Thanks to Generous Donation from Miranda Lambert
    Country music superstar Miranda Lambert loves dogs. So much so that she created a charity to support shelter animals. This year, the singer’s foundation made an extremely generous donation to help shelters across the entire United States. One facility used the funds to waive adoption fees.  
      View this post on Instagram   Every day should be #NationalAdoptaShelterPetDay 💕 We are counting down the days until the #MuttNationMarch and our annual adoption event at #CMAfest! ⁣ ⁣ Have you signed up to march with us?? 🐾 (link in bio) A post shared by Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation (@muttnation) on Apr 30, 2019 at 1:58pm PDT A Bountiful Gift In 2019, Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation launched an ambitious campaign as part of its Mutts Across America initiative. The aim of the campaign is to help animals in every U.S. state. They awarded $150,000 in grants to 50 shelters in all 50 states.

    Since 2015, Mutts Across America has donated more than $750,000 in grants to more than 250 shelters. MuttNation says each organization is “carefully vetted” by the foundation. They choose shelters “for the outstanding care they provide and their heart for animals.”

    Miranda founded this charitable organization in 2009. It  “aims to promote and facilitate the adoption of shelter pets, encourage spay and neuter for all pets, and educate the public about the importance and beneficial impact of these actions.”

    Boy, did they achieve this goal with their latest campaign! Just listen to what one shelter did with their funds.

    Skip the Adoption Feeds

    The Scituate Animal Shelter of Massachusetts (SAS) used some of the grant to help more people adopt animals. Thanks to MuttNation’s generosity, SAS said its adoption fees are “set to be” waived until July 19.

    They posted this on Facebook: “There’s a reason dogs like country music. Thank you Miranda Lambert for your generous donation that allows SAS to waive adoption fees for a limited time. Lower fees = more dogs finding homes. We love you, Miranda!” Typically summer months are slower for SAS. Right now they have a full ... read more

    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-07-18
  • LOL! Watch this Dog Say His First Word
    What was your first word? For those of us born before mobile phones made recording life’s little moments easy, you may not know the answer. One Utah family tried to capture their baby’s first coherent word. Instead, they got something slightly different. Get ready to laugh.
    ​Source: Sam Giovanini YouTubeSay ‘Mama’ The Diaz-Giovanini family from Utah has two adorable boys at home. One is a nine-month-old baby named Sam, the other a beautiful and intelligent Australian Shepherd named Patch. One day Andrea, the boys’ mom, wanted to teach her young son to talk. She sat on a couch, eating some food from a container. The boys sat at the foot of the sofa, watching Andrea expectantly. Andrea decided to turn the undivided attention into a teachable moment.  She wanted to reward Sam with a bite of her meal if he repeated what she said. “Mama,” she urged. In the background, a male voice also encouraged Sam to speak. But, Andrea didn’t realize her dog was listening, too. With his eyes locked on the food, Patch began to beg.
    ​Source: Sam Giovanini YouTubeHe Speaks! Sam continued to watch his mom. But Patch decided he needed to move things along. ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-07-17
  • Everything You Need to Know About Mold and Your Dog
    We all know that mold and humans don’t mix well. No one should ever live in moldy conditions as they pose a major health risk. But can this fungus harm our dogs as well? A story out of Kansas City, Missouri, got us thinking about the harmful implications for our dogs. So, we decided to learn more about the dangers of mold and how they affect dogs.
    ​Source: Fox 4 KCOne Dog’s Story Lana Becerra and her dog discovered they both have an allergy after living in unpleasant conditions. Laura and her boyfriend rented an apartment in Kansas City. A few months after they moved in, they started noticing mold in their bedroom closet. Apartment maintenance came and painted over the mold, assuring Laura it would not be a problem. However, mold kept growing. Then, Laura and her dog got sick. After a trip to the ER, doctors told Laura she had a severe mold allergy. As a result of living with the fungus, Laura had an infection in her lungs and hives. Unfortunately, Laura’s dog Bella was also impacted. Laura and her boyfriend brought Bella to the vet when she started losing large patches of fur. Laura told ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-07-17
  • Pets Are Key to Healthy Aging
    The post Pets Are Key to Healthy Aging by Jackie Brown appeared first on Dogster. Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on In a new poll conducted by the University of Michigan’s National Poll on Healthy Aging, pet owners aged 50 to 80 reported significant physical and emotional health benefits of pets. Some highlights include: 79% Reduce stress 73% Provide a sense of purpose 65% Connect with others 64% Be physically active 60% Help cope with physical and emotional symptoms About the author: Jackie Brown is a freelance writer from Southern California who specializes in the pet industry. Reach her at jackiebrown Learn more about the benefits of pets at Harvard Says, Get a Dog! Its New Report Details the Many Ways Having a Dog Make Us Healthy Internet Video Series Illustrates Some of the Human Health Benefits of Pets Article Outlines Health Benefits ... read more
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  • Dog Ear Infection — What to Do
    The post Dog Ear Infection — What to Do by Dr. Ernie Ward appeared first on Dogster. Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on Bosco was a cheerful Cocker Spaniel, quick with a lick and a wag. His mom, however, was not so cheerful and remarkably reluctant to smile. I was seeing Bosco for the first time, and his major issue was one many Cocker Spaniels face: chronic ear infections. “All I want to know is how bad is his ear infection and can you cure it? I’ve been to four veterinarians over the past year and none of them have been successful. I’ll give you one chance, Dr. Ward,” she said. “Well, I’ll do my very best to help Bosco. I know how much you care about him and I want to help him as much as …” Swifter than ... read more
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  • Are Dogs Color Blind? The Truth About Color Blindness In Dogs
    There was a time when dogs were thought to be completely color blind, unable to see anything but shades of grey. While their range is limited compared to the spectrum we see, our pups do perceive color. Basically, dogs are able to distinguish between yellows, blues, and violets; but cannot distinguish between reds, greens, and oranges. These colors appear somewhere on their yellow to blue spectrum. A new study conducted by Italian researchers at the University of Bari’s Department of Veterinary Medicine sought to put this red-green color blindness – a condition known as deuteranopia – to the test. The researchers used a variation of the Ishihara Color Vision Test. In humans, the test involves a series of colored circles with numbers in them. If a person can’t see a red number in a green circle, he or she has deuteranopia. In order to customize the test for their purposes, researchers placed a series of silhouettes showing a running cat inside the colored circles instead of numbers.
    Credit: Siniscalchi, M. et al. Royal Society Open Science, 2017  According to the study’s lead researcher Marcello Siniscalchi, the dogs could easily see a bright red cat against a mottled green background. But when the colors were ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-07-17
  • Are “Dog Years” Real? Here’s How To REALLY Calculate Your Pet’s Age
    Chances are, when trying to figure out how old your dog is in “dog years,” you’ve multiplied his literal age by 7 to get your answer. (For instance, a 5-year-old pup would be 35.) While this is a widely accepted method, as it turns out, it’s not that accurate. According to Petful, Veterinarians have come up with a new scale that accounts for your companion’s quick maturation (for instance, dogs and cats can reproduce within their first year of age), as well as the slow down of aging in their adult to senior years. What’s more, there is a different scale for dogs and cats because they age a little bit differently. “Dog Years?” The REAL Age Scale For Dogs: Of course, any “one-size-fits-all” scale won’t be completely accurate because dog’s lifespans vary substantially depending on size and breed. “Larger breeds such as Newfoundlands mature faster but tend to have shorter life spans. Medium and small dogs reach senior status much later in life, around seven  years of age for medium-sized dogs and 10 years of age for toy breeds,” says Petful. However, this new method gives owners a basic idea of how their pups are aging. Take a look: 1. For the first two years of age, ... read more
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  • Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs
    The post Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs by Stephanie Osmanski appeared first on Dogster. Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on Dogs may seem infallible — after all, they sometimes chew things that are never supposed to be eaten — but they can still get sick from time to time. Like people, dogs can suffer from urinary tract infections (UTIs), which can cause unpleasant symptoms like pain while urinating, frequent urination and inability to urinate. It can also lead to other urinary diseases. Urinary tract infections have two main classifications: lower urinary tract disease (LUTD) or upper urinary tract infections. Infections that occur in the lower urinary tract involve the bladder and/or urethra, while upper urinary tract infections target the kidneys and ureters, which can sometimes be more serious. Infections in the lower urinary tract are generally more common because there ... read more
    Source: DogsterPublished on 2019-07-17
  • Dog Buried Alive on Hawaii Beach is Recovering with Help from a Team of Hopeful Rescuers
    The beaches of Oahu, Hawaii are a paradise, but for this unfortunate pup the sun-soaked sands were nearly her grave. A passerby on the beach spotted a machete-wielding man burying this poor dog alive in broad daylight, and immediately contacted PAWS of Hawaii. Thanks to his lack of hesitation, the pup lived to see another day. The entire team of PAWS of Hawaii showed up to save her. It was immediately clear to the people there that being buried wasn’t the only abuse she had suffered. According to PAWS of Hawaii, 90% of her fur was gone, she was sunburned,  swollen, and covered in sores.
    Leialoha needs you….This beautiful girl was found by one of our team members. Someone had just buried her and they… Posted by PAWS of Hawaii on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 The pup, now named Leialoha, was rushed straight to Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services where she was looked over and cared for by veterinarians. They discovered that she had been cut badly along her front legs – damage from the machete her abuser was carrying. She was thirsty, hungry, and tired, and though her bloodwork came back less than satisfactory, ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-07-16
  • This Amazing New Technology Allows You To Communicate With Your Dog Without Words
    We just love new technology – especially when it benefits our pups. Self-driving cars – who would have ever thought? A phone that makes calls by voice command? We don’t even think twice about how improvements like these have affected our lives. But, we recently came across something that astounded us. A Labrador mix named Tai turns, backs up, lays down and comes without any visual or audio cues. All thanks to a vest.
    ​Source: Yoav Golan YouTubeWait – what? Earlier this week, scientists from the Israeli Ben-Gurion University of the Negev presented their newly designed vest at the IEEE World Haptics Conference in Tokyo. The concept is simple: the researchers gave Tai commands by gentle vibration motors in a vest. They reported issuing a command this way was as effective as using vocals. The study’s lead author, Yoav Golan, a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering, has been with Tai for years. Tai failed an exam to be a seeing-eye guide because he was a bit too hyperactive. So, Yoav decided to try a different method of training. The team put a special casing for the vibration motor inside the vest. Tai wore it and received gentle vibrations to ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-07-16
  • After Town Outlaws Tethering, Animal Group Helps Build Kennels and Relocate Dogs
    Residents of Athens, Alabama recently started noticing an increase in the number of dogs tied up outside homes. And they weren’t going to be quiet about it. Even legislators got involved and tried to do something about this inhumane practice. Unfortunately, after they passed legislation banning it, some dogs still needed help. That’s where the North Alabama Animal Warriors came into the picture.
    Posted by Suzanne Nmn Carter on Saturday, March 16, 2019 No More Tethers Animal rights activists in Athens explained to city legislators that leaving a dog tied outside day after day is inhumane. Thankfully, the lawmakers listened and passed an ordinance banning the practice. The new rule said people with dogs had to build a kennel, provide a dog house and give clean straw if the pup spent their days outside. Otherwise, they would face a fine of at least $50. However, Athens Police Chief Floyd Johnson said the police have needed to issue any citations yet. Most likely because residents had the support of the North Alabama Animal Warriors (NAAW). According to The News Courier, NAAW member Suzanne Carter said, “In the city, we’ve done at least eight kennels. In the ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-07-16
  • Beware! Iowa Breeder Accused of Spreading Extremely Contagious Canine Disease
    A breeder with a history of troubling accusations recently became the subject of an investigation by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. Authorities claim the Double G Kennels were the breeding ground for an extremely contagious canine disease. Even more distressing, the disease can be spread from dogs to humans. An Unsettling History The dismal news stories date back two years. In 2017, authorities found two emaciated dogs at the Double G Kennels, a commercial breeding facility (sometimes called a puppy mill) is located in Marion County, Iowa. Also, investigators found a potential burn risk because more than 20 dogs lived in an enclosure near easily accessible heat lamps. We can only wonder why the facility wasn’t shut down immediately. Then, in 2018, USDA inspectors found a dog in the kennel with excessively long nails that impacted her ability to stand normally. They also found dogs living without adequate heating. The Humane Society named Double G Kennels one of its Horrible Hundred 2018. This list includes problematic puppy mills and puppy sellers in the United States. More Bad Behavior So, it’s not surprising to report authorities have caught the Double G Kennels at it again. Recently, ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-07-16
  • 60-DAY UPDATE: See the Amazing Difference Fresh Food Has Made in My Dogs
    A little over 2 months ago, I started feeding my pups fresh dog food. At first, I saw some results, but I think I was being pretty optimistic, trying to find the good in my long-researched decision. But 30-days isn’t really enough time to see any major changes no matter what you’re doing. Here I am, over 60 days later, and wow! The results have been pretty amazing. Check out what’s going on with my pups, Scout and Sandy. Back to the Beginning I had been previously feeding my dogs a quality kibble, but I knew that they probably weren’t getting all the nutrients that they needed. Plus, with all of the recalls and issues I had been seeing, I knew they needed more variety in their diets. Like so many people, I considered preparing fresh food for them myself, but finding the time to cook and make sure I was giving them the nutrition they needed was pretty daunting. Around the beginning of the year, I started exploring fresh food options for my dogs. In my typical “overthinking it” manner, I spent countless hours scouring websites and dog nutrition articles, talking to my vet and posting questions on ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-07-16
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