• Man Walks His Paralyzed Dog In A Cozy Wagon
    Walks are the highlight of the day for many dogs. They love having the opportunity to explore outside and take in lots of new smells. In fact, walks can be fun for all dogs, even if they are unable to walk on their own. This is especially true for a man and his paralyzed dog in Nova Scotia, Canada. He made a cozy wagon specifically so his dog could still enjoy going on her daily walks. He says that he knows she’d do the same for him. Bryan Thompson first spotted this man and his dog during a walk at Shubie Park. He saw the man walking through the snow, pulling a special wagon behind him. Inside the wagon, a white dog was curled up among plenty of warm blankets. It was the most heartwarming sight Thompson had ever seen! He instantly wanted to know the story behind this kind man and his happy pup.
    Image: Bryan Thompson FacebookA Beautiful Friendship Thompson approached the man and his dog and began talking to the kind man. The man explained that his beloved dog has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS. It’s a spinal cord disorder that leads to paralysis ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2020-01-22
  • New Colorado Bill Would Ban Puppy Mills, Retail Sale Pets
    A bill introduced January 10th, 2020 aims to prevent the sale of dogs and cats by pet stores in Colorado. The “Humane Pet Act” also establishes new standards for the care and treatment of dogs and cats by breeders and prohibits animal sales in public places. For breeders, this means limiting the number of dogs or cats managed at one time to 25. It also prevents the animals from breeding more than once a year and more than six total times in their lifetime. The bill notes that dogs and cats bred in “mills” often develop physical or behavior issues. These dogs can also pass certain illnesses on to people. “The documented abuses endemic to puppy and kitten mills include overbreeding; inbreeding; minimal veterinary care; lack of adequate and uncontaminated food and water; lack of socialization, exercise, and enrichment; poor sanitation; confinement in cramped, unsanitary cages; and exposure to extreme temperatures.” Other concerns include misleading consumers into taking home sick or aggressive animals they are unlikely to help or keep, and mistreatment of animals.
    Pranidchakan Boonrom via Pexels Support For The Bill The prime sponsors for the bill are Representative Monica Duran and Senator Mike ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2020-01-22
  • Teenage Boy With Cancer Searches For Lost Dog
    The Martin family of Algonquin, Illinois has three amazing dogs, all of which are loyal members of the family. However, Xena the Coonhound-Rhodesian Ridgeback mix has a special bond with 13-year-old Jack Martin. Their bond became even stronger when Jack was diagnosed with stage 4 Ewing’s sarcoma, which is a rare bone cancer. So, when Xena got lost one day, Jack didn’t know what to do without her. Xena had gotten loose when she was in the car with Jack’s dad, Jason Martin. Jason said that Xena had jumped out of the car and ran into the woods. Right away, the family began searching for Xena, but she was nowhere to be found. 
    Image: Screenshot, abc7chicago.comJack and Xena had been together through many tough times. Whenever Jack would get home from chemotherapy, she would lie down right beside him to comfort him. She always made him feel better during moments like that, but now, he recently had to go through surgery without her. “She keeps his mind off stuff,” Jason said. “We love that dog to death. She’s very important.” Help Bring Xena Home! Family and friends have been searching for Xena as much as possible ever since she ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2020-01-22
  • Two Missing Dog Cases Unite Their Communities With Very Different Results
    Meadow and Bella are two of many dogs that went missing around the holidays. What sets them apart is the incredible support their respective communities provided in helping to bring them home. The city of Birmingham, Alabama rallied around Atlanta resident, Lauren Johnson when her dog Meadow became lost. Residents of Charleston, SC did the same when a Yellow Lab Mix named Bella was stolen along with her owner’s truck. Their efforts eventually resulted in both dogs being recovered. Sadly, the outcomes were quite different. While one was found alive and well, the other did not survive her ordeal. Meadow’s Story
    Photo via Facebook/Lauren JohnsonThis Christmas Lauren Johnson and her 8-year-old rescue pooch, Meadow drove from their home in Atlanta, Georgia to a Birmingham, Alabama suburb to visit Johnson’s sister. The plan was to head home on December 27, but that all changed on the afternoon of the 26th. Johnson and her sister were headed out to run errands when Meadow somehow escaped from the house. The dog followed the car’s scent for half a mile before becoming lost in the strange city. After several hours of fruitless searching, Johnson turned to Facebook for help. She posted photos and ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2020-01-22
  • Man Jumps Into A Freezing River To Save Dog That Was Trapped In The Water
    Austin Russell’s day took a drastic turn when he came across something splashing in the Grand River. Though he originally planned to just continue along with his bike ride, a bark in the distance changed everything. Austin quickly realized that the splashing in the water that he had chalked up to floating debris was actually a canine that was in dire need of help. As he approached the river, he began to hear a dog barking and the sound of something rustling in the branches close to the bank.
    Youtube ScreenshotIt wasn’t long before he realized that a dog had become trapped in the brush along the river and was crying out for someone’s help. With it being such a cold day, the river’s temperature was unbearably cold. Austin knew he had to find a way to help this poor pup, but had to do so without falling in himself. Austin quickly jumped into action and ran to find additional assistance from a security guard on the college campus nearby. The security guard quickly rustled up a mop that they could use to help pull the dog to safety, and the two ran back to the river in which ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2020-01-22
  • Akita
    The post Akita by Dogster HQ appeared first on Dogster. Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on Bred as an adaptable hunting and guard dog, the dignified Akita is respected as a national treasure in Japan. These days, Americans adore the breed, too — the Akita consistently ranks in the top 50 most popular breeds. Although a devoted watchdog, the Akita doesn’t bark excessively. He’s the strong, silent type of hero. An ancient, revered breed along with breeds such as the American Eskimo Dog, Chow Chow and Samoyed, Akitas are a Spitz breed. Spitz breeds generally have a wolf-like appearance with a double coat, almond-shaped eyes and a love of snow. Akitas originated in the mountains of Japan, developing webbed toes to distribute their weight and walk easily on snow. Before Akitas had a formal breed name, they were simply referred ... read more
    Source: DogsterPublished on 2020-01-22
  • The 10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds
    Obedience isn’t everything. These dogs might be lazy, some are playful, some are independent, but the one trait they all share for sure? Stubbornness! All these breeds are completely loveable and have other traits that could still make them your perfect compaion… if you don’t mind a training challenge! #1 – Beagle Lovingly independent, the Beagle will find amusement anywhere if left to their own devices. There will be trouble with a indifferent owner who doesn’t appreciate what the Beagle has to offer. #2 – English Bulldog An incredibly intelligent breed, the English Bulldog can appear to be quite thick skulled when being handled by a weak owner. They will turn a deaf ear if there is no respect in the household. #3 – Dachshund The Dachshund is a very big dog in a very little package. They know how to hold their own and some will take on a dog five times their size because they think they can. #4 – Jack Russell Terrier The mischievous Jack Russell has no problem initiating a battle of wills with an owner they consider wishy-washy. They are tough, smart and energetic. #5 – Rottweiler An incredible family dog, ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2020-01-22
  • 5 Signs You Love Your Dog More Than Your Family Members
    We can all agree that we love our dogs like family, but do you prefer the company of your canine companions over your human family members? You may be afraid to admit this out loud, but for the record, we can totally relate! Dogs are our best friends, confidants, and furry family members, and their love and loyalty is unconditional and everlasting. They don’t judge, they’re always happy to see us, and they never, ever let us down – even if they act a little bit naughty sometimes. (Somehow, they’re still endearing!) It’s really no wonder we love our dogs like our human relatives, and sometimes, even more than them! Below are 5 signs that you love your pup more than the people in your life… and don’t worry, we won’t tell! 1. You spend more time with your dog than your human relatives – and you prefer it that way If you’ve made up an excuse to skip your cousin’s Bat Mitzvah in order to spend more time with your dog, we don’t blame you. Sure the free food is nice, but the mere thought of seeing the bratty birthday girl or listening to your great uncle’s stories ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2020-01-21
  • 10 Dog Breeds Who Are Absolute “Drama Queens”
    Which dogs breeds have the most tendency to be drama queens (or kings?) We put this question to our fans recently on Facebook, and you responded with no shortage of answers! The below list is a result of our own research and your votes, along with a few stories from our community users! Would you add any to our list? Tell us in the comments on Facebook. #10 – Pomeranians Community user FabiolaJM loves her “diva” Pomeranian Peluche – but Peluche does not like sharing her attention! She says, “Peluche always feels he should be the one getting the most attention.” #9 – Boxers Have you seen the reaction this boxer has to being called a baby? If that’s not drama queen behavior, I don’t know what is! #8 – Yorkies Community user kjmdavis12 has a little Yorkie with a big personality! “She doesn’t believe in walking on grass so she’ll usually try to find the nearest rock and stand on it, until we pick her up. She’s the best dog around and she shows us each and every day.” #7 – Shih Tzus Shih-Tzu lover Jtowner tells us about Baby Bear, “He loves to play, ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2020-01-21
  • Artist’s Breathtaking Pics Remind Us To Appreciate The Little Moments With Our Dogs
    It can be difficult to put into words just how much you love your dog. The pure joy they inject into our lives can elevate even the most everyday moments into something worth telling everybody about. Los Angeles based artist Yaoyao Ma Van As tells the story of her and her beloved pooch in incredible illustrations on Instagram. The cute, colorful pictures are guaranteed to give you warm, fuzzy feelings when you see yourself and your favorite companion in the totally relatable day-to-day situations Ma Van As illustrates.
    Ma Van As and Parker (Instagram)Van Ma As is happily married and living with her husband, but most of her drawings depict a life alone with her dog, Parker. She tells the Huffington Post, “Living alone isn’t as scary as it seems! Yes, there were definitely times that it sucked, but there were also countless amazing moments as well. It’s knowing that you’re on your own, and each decision you make is directly affecting how you move forward with your life. Each day you learn to be more independent than the day before. It’s definitely an experience that should be embraced.”
      ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2020-01-21
  • Step-By-Step: How To Be A Dog In 21 Hilarious Illustrations
    If you’ve been thinking about a career change, now’s a great time to consider becoming a dog. It’s the good life. Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar, the New York Times bestselling authors and artists behind the creative studio Last Lemon, have created a simple and funny user-driven guide for “How To Be A Dog”. Dog owners, experts and dogs themselves submit ideas from around the world, and if the Last Lemon team likes the concepts (i.e. if they are funny or insightful or clever or true), they illustrate them. Submit your own ideas here:   Exercise is important. Must remember that. More info: Website: Facebook: The post Step-By-Step: How To Be A Dog In 21 Hilarious Illustrations appeared first on ... read more
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  • 10 Real Weight-Loss Tips for Dogs that Work
    The post 10 Real Weight-Loss Tips for Dogs that Work by Arden Moore appeared first on Dogster. Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren't considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would love it if you continued sharing just the first paragraph of an article, then linking out to the rest of the piece on Yes, there actually are designated fat farms, weight-loss centers and so-called miracle diet pills to help dogs shed excess pounds, but most of us don’t have access, or perhaps, even the money to spend on them. But here is the skinny: Far too many dogs are overweight and even obese. Finding the right — and safe — strategy amid the hype of quick-loss broken promises can be challenging. To help you — and your canine pal on this get-to-a-healthy weight mission, Dogster reached out to a pair of canine health experts: Ernie Ward, DVM, founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention and based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Jason Nicholas, BVetMed, The Preventive Vet based in ... read more
    Source: DogsterPublished on 2020-01-21
  • 10 Dog Breeds That Are Extra Clingy
    While every dog loves being with their human, there are some that really, really love to be with you. Dogs are sensitive creatures, and their desire to be near you is very strong–but for some, it’s more than that. Like a dog that clings to your side, ready to be your pal wherever you go? Then one of these breeds might be just the one for you! #1 – Labrador Retriever Labs are known for their easy going personality and attachment to their owners. They’ll go anywhere with you – until “death do you part,” and even then, we are sure they wait at the Bridge.
    Image source: @AnthonyvanDyck via Flickr#2 – Italian Greyhounds These little guys want a lap 24/7 and will make a fuss if you try to leave them behind, so don’t even think about it.
    Image source: @JonathanLidbeck via Flickr #3 – Golden Retriever Another devoted breed, this one is happy to do anything, as long as you are nearby.
    Image source: – French Bulldog This tenacious dog may love his owner, but he may also have an ulterior motive to going everywhere with you – he must greet his adoring fans.
    Image source: @NoirKitsune ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2020-01-21
  • Wag! Calls Off Search After Losing ANOTHER Dog In Their Care
    Wag! is at it again. Heartbreakingly, we have to share that another customer trusted Wag! to take care of their dogs and Wag! failed in every tragic way. Wag! walked two dogs and only one of them made it home. It’s become a far too familiar tale for the “Uber of dog walking.” Wag! has lost more than a dozen dogs across the country. Sadly, some of them even lose their lives under Wag’s “care.”
    Image Cody Martinez/Facebook Have you seen Sozin? Contact Cody!  Trusted Wag! to Take Care of His Dogs During Business Travel Cody Martinez of San Antonio, Texas travels frequently for his job in sales. He was working in Philadelphia and needed someone to take care of his two Huskies, Sozin and Ozai. He was unaware of the bad press Wag! had received time and again for losing dogs or mysterious deaths occurring during Wag’s care. Like so many others, he assumed that hiring a professional service would be safe. He would come to regret this decision. While working in Philadelphia, he received a call from a Wag! representative informing him that Sozin had slipped his collar during a walk and was lost. Cody told the New York Post, ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2020-01-21
  • Brave German Shepherd Races To Save Her Trappped Pitbull BFF From Snow
    If you’re a dog parent that’s lucky enough to have two canine friends in your home, you’ve probably noticed the wonderful bond that two pups can share. Well, this bond was put to the test when an adorable Pittie named Knuckles found herself in a bind that only her furry BFF could rescue her from. Knuckles and Kanawha were enjoying a snow day with their dad, Brian Wagner, when their frolic through a winter wonderland took a turn. As Kanawha, the German Shepherd, looked around for her partner in crime she appeared worried when Knuckles was not in her immediate sight. That’s when she suddenly realized that Knuckles had gotten herself trapped near a dumpster in a deep pile of snow.
    YoutubeScreenshotKnuckles soon began to cry out for her best friend’s assistance, as she was too afraid to move forward. Kanawha looked back at her fur mom as if she was asking for help, but immediately realized that she had what it took to save her furry friend. Once she could see the worried look upon Knuckle’s face, Kanawha sprang into action. She took a quick look around before she settled on her final plan to wade through the ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2020-01-21
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