• Preventable Deadly Virus Spreading in the Midwest. Is Your Dog Protected?
    Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) sent out a grave warning yesterday to dog lovers everywhere. In the past week alone, the shelter has seen dozens of dogs at their intake doors infected with canine parvovirus. Canine parvovirus is completely preventable with a routine vaccination. While the benefits and risks of vaccines have been debated, especially for humans, these preventative measures are extremely successful at protecting our pups from dangerous diseases. IACS said on Facebook, Canine parvovirus, or parvo, is a highly contagious, life-threatening disease and it’s only going to continue to spread throughout our community unless pet owners heed the warnings and get their dogs vaccinated against it. The warning included pictures of two adorable puppies. These poor babies were surrendered by their family when they tested positive for the virus. Tragically, there was a third puppy in their care that did not survive the drive to the shelter. Someone failed to protect these puppies, and they sadly will pay for it with their lives. Photo Indianapolis Animal Care Services Facebook Urging People to Get Their Dog Fully Protected The shelter warns that the virus will continue to spread, rapidly. Anyone with a dog, especially anywhere near Indianapolis, should ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-24
  • Ringo’s Last Ride: Poodle Follows Miss Norma’s Footsteps with End of Life Road Trip
    In late 2015, the day after her husband, Leo, of nearly 70 years was admitted to hospice, Miss Norma learned that she had a large, cancerous mass in her uterus. Two days after losing Leo she and her son sat in her doctor’s office to discuss treatment options. The usual combination of surgery, chemo, and radiation were on the table. The doctor asked Miss Norma how she would like to proceed. Her son reported on Facebook, A tiny woman at 101 pounds and under five-feet tall, an exhausted Norma looked the young doctor dead in the eye and with the strongest voice she could muster, said, “I’m 90-years-old, I’m hitting the road.” Image Driving Miss Norma Facebook Image Driving Miss Norma Facebook Image Driving Miss Norma Facebook Thus began a year long journey with Miss Norma, Tim, and Ramie (her son and daughter-in-law), and their standard poodle, Ringo. They traveled together via RV and chronicled the trip in a later published book and on a dedicated Driving Miss Norma Facebook page. As you can imagine, everywhere they went, their energy, enthusiasm and love of life simply lit up the room. Miss Norma died peacefully and with no ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-24
  • Distraught Woman Fired After Taking Day Off to Grieve the Loss of Her Beloved Pup
    If you love dogs, you know that furry paws make no difference when it comes to the place that they hold in our hearts. Our pups are family, and the loss of a dog is devastating. Emma McNulty felt the heartbreak of losing her beloved companion when her dog of 14 years, Milly, unfortunately passed away. Emma and her family were crushed by the sudden loss, and struggling to make it through that difficult day.
    Change.orgEmma was scheduled to work that afternoon at a local shop in Scotland and was shocked at the events that were soon to unfold. She messaged her manager explaining the terrible loss that she and her family had just endured, only to be met with absolute hostility when she told her manager that she would not be able to work her shift. Emma explained that she felt physically ill due to the pain of losing Milly and how Milly was just as important to her as any other member of her family. Even with explaining Milly’s significance, her boss was unwilling to give her time off to grieve. Instead of the compassion that she deserved, she was sent multiple messages explaining that if she ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-24
  • 7-Year-Old Dog Pit Bull Spent Over 1,000 Days in a Shelter. Will He Find His Furever Home?
    A resident of Valley Animal Center in Fresno, CA for 1,001 days (that’s almost 3 years for you math whizzes), Marmaduke has finally been happily united with his new person.  On Friday, August 2nd, 2019, the big moving-out day arrived at last for this 7 year-old shelter dog who had been awaiting adoption since 2016! But finding a forever home for this lovable American Staffordshire was a group effort to say the least.
    @ValleyAnimalCenter/FacebookThe Valley Animal Center is a no-kill shelter with the goal of reducing euthanasia on treatable and adoptable animals through adoptions, spaying and neutering, and humane education. They rescue a lot of animals with health problems and behavioral issues other shelters consider unadaptable. When Marmaduke first arrived at the shelter in 2016, he was without any obedience training and was a bit stubborn. He also had skin allergies that required a special diet and medication, as well as a home with pet-friendly synthetic grass. With so much maintenance required, the odds of adoption were really stacked against this poor guy. Still, the Valley Animal Center staff were determined to show the world Marmaduke’s fun-loving sweet side.
    ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-23
  • Groom Denied by Bride as Her ‘Best Dog’ Steps in for First Dance
    Why have a best man at your wedding when you can have a best dog instead? At her recent wedding, Sara Carson Devine proved that dogs can be just as valuable to a wedding party as humans can. During her wedding reception, Sara’s first dance was unlike any other. She performed a dance to the song “Footloose,” but instead of dancing with the groom, she danced with Hero, her “Best Dog.” The video of their dance became viral not long after being posted, and it’s impossible not to smile while watching it.
    Credit: Sarah Carson Devine FacebookBefore this video, Sara and Hero were already well-known performers. They made an appearance on season 12 of America’s Got Talent, where they finished in 5th place. Despite being known as a critical judge, Simon Cowell was blown away by their talents and encouraged them throughout the show. While on the show, Sara and Hero performed a variety of different acts together, including a pirate-themed audition and a beach-themed semi-final performance. While Hero was primarily the star of the show, Sara had some of her other dogs help out as well to add to the excitement as they neared the finale. Sara ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-23
  • Excited Dog Runs in Her Wheelchair for the Very First Time
    After a horrible car accident in Savannah, Georgia, a sweet dog name Pigeon was left with her rear legs paralyzed. Sadly, her original owners abandoned her after this incident, and she was left struggling to move. Not long after, a kind dog-sitter named Erica found Pigeon and changed her life for the better. When Pigeon came home with Erica, she could move fairly well on her own, but she had to hop around using her front legs to pull her. Unfortunately, she had some wounds from the accident that prevented her from getting the wheelchair right away, so she needed time to heal.
    Image from Instagram @pigeonpupShe was a sweet and energetic pup, but it was clear that she was frustrated. She moved slow and wasn’t able to run around like the other dogs, so that’s when Erica decided that something had to be done. To begin Pigeon’s recovery, her new mom enrolled her in a physical therapy and rehabilitation program at Fetch Canine Rehab. Pigeon had to go through lots of different exercises and aqua therapy sessions, but many of these activities were disguised as play to keep Pigeon engaged. In the end, all the hard work was ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-23
  • Are Dogs or Cats Better at Curing Loneliness?
    Can pets help cure loneliness? This is a commonly asked question, and many pet lovers agree that they feel less lonely around their furry friends. However, whether or not this is true is something that not everyone can confirm. Recent studies have shown how pets can help with loneliness as well as whether cats or dogs are the better companion in this situation. About the Study The main age group that this study is centered around is seniors. There are currently a large number of individuals in the world that are ages 65 and above, and many of which are living alone because they are either widowed, divorced, or single, all of which could create loneliness for these individuals. This isn’t to say that young people aren’t also affected by loneliness, but 65 and older is just the main age group to focus on. Many psychologists believe that humans need to be attached to someone or else it could lead to extreme loneliness. But who said that it had to be another person?  It is suggested that if someone lives alone, a great way to help their loneliness is to get a pet for a companion. It is no secret ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-23
  • Officer Finds Dog Eating A Couch To Survive, Then Adopts Him Into His Family
    A Cry For Help From A Nose Under A Door Officers in Plainfield, New Jersey were called to a home for a welfare check after neighbors reported that they hadn’t seen or heard a man who supposedly lived at the residence. When officers arrived they found a dog’s nose sniffing under the door. They contacted neighbors and the man’s ex-girlfriend who confirmed that the man was safe and wasn’t coming back. They said the cat and dog were cared for. Second Thoughts Saved Two Lives Later that evening, the ex-girlfriend decided to investigate further. She entered the home with the help of the landlord. Inside the deplorable home, they found a cat and dog alone, emaciated, and without food or water. They had been left alone to die. The woman took the cat but the dog, fittingly named Sarge, was taken to the Plainfield Humane Society.
    Posted by Plainfield Area Humane Society on Sunday, April 1, 2012 Starving For Food And Love Sarge is a red-nosed pitbull estimated to be between 15 and 17 years old and when rescued, he weighed only 30 pounds at most. New Jersey 101.5 reported Officer Louise described Sarge as ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-23
  • Woman Shoves Dog in Trunk When Shelter Refuses to Euthanize Him
    People can be so deplorable. Take this woman, for instance. Not only did she want to have her dog euthanized just because she didn’t want him anymore, she shoved the pitiful looking dog into the trunk of her car when the shelter refused to grant her death wish. Sara Perry took the emaciated dog to the Brevard Humane Society where she intended to either surrender him to their care or have him put down. When the shelter staff told her that the shelter was full and could not accept an owner surrender she asked if they would just euthanize him because she didn’t want him anymore. Image Screenshot WPTV News YouTube The Humane Society has a no-kill policy. In fact, Brevard County prides itself on its no-kill county status and boasts a 95%+ live release rate. And in any event, they would never euthanize an animal under owner request. You know. Because the are humane. Clearly not happy with that answer, she stormed off to her car and opened the trunk. Video footage (below) shows her yanking the dog up into the trunk by the leash, shoving him to the back, and closing the trunk. What. The. Actual. You know ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-23
  • 10 Cutting Edge Products Showcased at the 2019 SuperZoo Convention
    As part of our commitment to bring you the best of all things dogs, we recently sent a team to the 2019 SuperZoo trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their mission – to find the latest & greatest products and services that the industry has to offer. Bur more importantly, we wanted to find products that could make your lives easy…better. So we saddled up the iHeartDogs pink Cadillac, loaded up with snacks and headed to Vegas. Vegas, Baby! What’s So Super About This Zoo? You’ve probably never heard of SuperZoo unless you work in the animal kingdom. SuperZoo is the most-attended pet industry trade show in the United States, and it’s been bringing animal lovers together since 1950. At the show, there are countless exhibitors showcasing services & products – some making their debut to the world. And we’re not just talking dog food here. There are grooming gadgets, furry fashions and gizmos galore. It’s basically the who’s who and what’s what of the pet world. But enough of that – you came to see what we found. Super Products & Services 1. Finding Rover This is a super simple and amazing idea helping dog lovers reunite ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-22
  • Kibble Your Dog is Going to LOVE
    The best love is the best food, and the best food should be available to ALL furry friends: small and large, purebred and mixed, stray and rescue. Pet food brand “I and love and you” celebrates the incredible bond between human and pet. It’s why they’re called “I and love and you.” At iHeartDogs, we share that love and want to bring to our community things that we believe are the best. That is why we have partnered with “I and love and you.” Made with LOVE and Natural, Healthy, Premium Grain-Free Ingredients Every one of the “I and love and you” products have been approved by their holistic veterinarian to include the optimal combination of complete, whole-food nutrition, freshness, and premium ingredients your pets will wag over. They left out corn, wheat, soy, and fillers like rice and white potatoes, and instead added nutrient-rich, easier-to-digest carbs like lentils, garbanzo beans and sweet potatoes. Their Omegas 3 + 6 from superfood ingredients like flaxseeds & fish oils help enhance a soft coat and encourage healthy skin. Their kibbles are also packed with prebiotics and probiotics. They’re known to help digestion issues such as bad breath, rumbling tummies, loose stools, or ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-22
  • CLAWgust Spotlight: Tom’s Story
    Today’s CLAWgust spotlight is on Tom and Angel, from our HULA centre. Tom (14 years old), and his mum, Angel (15 years old), didn’t have the best start when they arrived at our HULA centre. Tom and Angel’s collars were held on with cable ties, so tight that they had both lost all the fur around their necks. Sadly, it didn’t end there. ... read more
    Source: NAWTPublished on 2019-08-22
  • Man Arrested for Rushing Into Burning Home to Rescue His Dog
    Of course, nearly any dog lover would put themselves at risk to save their dog’s life. However, Jarrod Martin was punished for this very action. Instead of being cheered on for saving his furry friend, he was immediately put in handcuffs. When a fire started at Martin’s house in Memphis, Tennessee, firefighters came to the scene immediately. They helped everyone out of the burning building, but they left one important family member behind: Martin’s dog, Bishop.
    Screenshot, Martin could see Bishop through the glass door on the patio with flames surrounding him. The firefighters assured him that they would rescue his poor pup, but after nearly a half hour of waiting, Martin couldn’t take it anymore. He knew if he didn’t act fast, Bishop would die.
    Screenshot, YouTube.comDespite the warnings of the officers, Martin broke through the police barriers and rushed to Bishop. He broke the glass and was able to bring the dog to safety. While many of his friends and family saw him as a hero for this amazing task, the firefighters and police officers greatly disagreed. Martin was charged with two misdemeanors for reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. However, even though he put himself ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-21
  • Woman Leaves Dog in Hot Car, Officer Gets Justice in Ironically Named Town
    It was a warm day just two hours south of Albuquerque, New Mexico when a police officer was dispatched to a local supermarket to investigate a dog left a hot car. When Officer Kreischer arrived on the scene, in the ironically named town of Truth or Consequences, he found a dog with no air conditioning and no ventilation. As temperatures soared over 90 degrees that day, Officer Kreischer knew he had to act fast. A Hero With a Heart The pup’s owner, Shelly Nicholas, can be seen in the officer’s bodycam footage with her significant other and a child as they meander out of the store with their groceries. “It’s 90 degrees! You keep a dog with no ventilation in there?” Officer Kreishcher scolded the woman as she approached. The footage then shows Nicholas arguing with the officer, imploring him to “feel the interior” of the car.  She laughed as the officer explained the direness of the situation. Officer Kreischer consulted a chart and determined the internal temperature of the car was equal to 114 degrees Fahrenheit.
    PHOTO VIA PETPLANNicholas was issued a misdemeanor animal cruelty citation but better yet, Officer Kreischer had a bigger lesson planned. The dog-loving ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-21
  • Enter To Win A Chance For A Months Supply Of Free Food For Your Dog. And Your Favorite Shelter!
    Who doesn’t love the idea of feeding shelter dogs? Well, here’s your chance to not only feed them, but to provide them with warm blankets and fun toys. Need more? How about a 30-day supply of super healthy dog food for your pup? Done. and “I and love and you” are partnering up for this limited time giveaway. Simply fill out the form below, and you’re entered. It’s so simple you could have your dog do it! What’s In It For You? Great Question! One lucky winner will get to share a whole lot of love with their favorite shelter! “I and love and you” will donate a months supply of high quality, healthy dog food to a shelter of the winner’s choice. Still need another reason to enter? In addition, iHeartDogs will also be donating fleece blankets and BetterBall toys to the winning shelter. Food, fleece and fun – that’s a winning trifecta for shelter dogs! If that weren’t enough, the winner will also receive a months supply of  “I and love and you” dog food and Top That Meal Enhancers. Made with real, healthy ingredients, it’s the perfect addition to any dog food. Plus, iHeartDogs will ... read more
    Source: iHeartDogsPublished on 2019-08-21
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