Bonio Puppy With Milk Dog Biscuits


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Bonio Puppy biscuits with milk are a delicious way of treating your new four legged friend! Fantastic as a training aid, reward for best doggie behaviour or just for when you can’t say no to those big eyes, let your puppy find out why Bonio are the nation’s favourite dog biscuit!Formulated with milk and nutrients to support your growing puppy’s needs, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll set their tail wagging just reaching for the cupboard you keep your Bonios in, or send them charging in from the other room at just one rattle of the box!Puppy feeding guide (per day)expected weight in adulthood Up to 7kg 2 Pieces Up to 15kg 3 Pieces Up to 30kg 4 Pieces Remember to adjust your dog’s main meal accordinglyIngredients: Cereals (4.1% whole wheat), Oils and fats, Minerals, Milk and milk derivatives (7.7% milk).


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