Classic de Luxe Drinking Bottle – 600ml – Large Rabbit

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Classic de Luxe Drinking Bottle is a great way to ensure your pet always has fresh drinking water available. It is available in a range of sizes, making it ideal for smaller and large small pets, parrots and rabbits. The Giant variety can also be used for puppies. The robust, rust-resistant stainless steel valve means that your pet can help itself to water whenever it is thirsty. The double-ball technology prevents continuous dripping and ensures that your pet’s cage or hutch remains clean and dry. The practical Classic de Luxe Drinking Bottle is made from transparent plastic. This means that you can always see how much water is left and can fill it up whenever needed. It is easy to refill, by simply removing the lid, filling it up and then placing the bottle top-up until it forms a vacuum and does not drip. The fixing wire included with the Classic de Luxe Drinking Bottle means that it can be easily attached to the side of your pet’s cage. Classic de Luxe Drinking Bottle at a glance: Drinking bottle in various sizes for small pets, parrots, rabbits or puppies Stainless steel valve: rust-resistant and durable, to withstand even sharp teeth Double-ball technology: prevents dripping and keeps the cage or hutch dry Transparent bottle: to easily control the water level Practical and clean: fresh drinking water is always available without the worry that your pet’s cage will become flooded by its water bowl Easy to use: can be opened and closed by hand and uses a vacuum method to stop drips Includes fixing wire: to fasten bottle to cage Colour: clear Material: plastic Capacity: S: 150ml M: 320ml L: 600ml Giant: 1100ml


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