flexi New Comfort Tape Lead Large – 8m – Red

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The flexi New Comfort tape lead Large has a soft grip so it is very pleasant to carry. The 8m-long tape automatically rolls back smoothly into the casing as you get closer to your dog. Your pet can run around and explore, but you are still in control of the situation. The retractable tape always stays taught, preventing it from dangling on the ground. This also makes it quick and easy to control the length of the lead using the short-stroke braking system, which functions just at the touch of a button and offers you extra control when needed. There is also a permanent stop function which lets you fix the lead at a certain length. The two-coloured New Comfort retractable lead Large 8m is suitable for dogs up to 50kg. The flexi New Comfort Tape Lead can be customised with various practical accessories. The Multi Box can be used as a poop bag dispenser or a handy place to keep treats, while the attachable LED Lighting System gives you greater visibility and safety at night. This Comfort retractable dog lead meets the highest standards for quality and comfort, impressing millions of dog owners in over 90 countries. The product is handmade in Germany and offers excellent value for money. flexi New Comfort Tape Lead Large – 8m at a glance: 8m-long two-coloured retractable tape lead Size L: for dogs up to 50kg Easy to use: lead automatically retracts when you get closer to your dog Soft grip: pleasant to hold Lead remains taught: does not drag on the ground so it stays clean Short-stroke braking system: a simple touch of the button is enough to stop and secure the lead, helps you to control your dog as required Functional accessories: dog lead can be customised with these handy extras (not included in delivery) Multi Box: removable holder for dog treats or poop bags LED Lighting System: bright light for better visibility in the dark Two colour design: With safety loop: prevents the lead from rebounding and potentially causing injury if the collar snaps Excellent workmanship: hard-wearing thanks to the high-quality materials, with chrome-plated snap hook Handmade in Germany, popular worldwide Colour: various colours available Material: plastic Weight: approx. 510g More information about the optional accessories designed for use with flexi retractable dog leads can be found here. Please note: This product cannot be delivered to Switzerland.


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