Gourmet Solitaire 12 x 85g – Beef in Tomato Sauce

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Cats are gourmands and love variety, so this Gourmet Solitaire 12 x 85g is the perfect choice. Gourmet Solitaire turns every mealtime into a taste sensation and brings refined variety to your cat’s menu. The recipes use only the finest selected ingredients of the highest quality, for a true flavour experience. Chicken, beef, turkey and duck are used as sources of vital protein. The recipes are enriched with essential vitamins and trace elements designed to support the health and vitality of your cat. Gourmet Solitaire is made entirely without the use of artificial additives and comes in practical 85g cans that ensure freshness and exquisite flavour every time. Gourmet Solitaire 12 x 85g at a glance: Complete food for adult cats Balanced and complete High quality, selected ingredients Protein sources: chicken, rabbit, turkey or duck A range of flavours for great variety Free from artificial additives In practical 85g cans


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