Herrmann’s Menu 6 x 85g – Organic Beef with Quinoa


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Hermann’s Menu cat food is a premium wet food, made with certified organic ingredients of the very best quality. All meat come from farms which use controlled, biological rearing methods or are hunted directly in the natural habitat. The top quality ingredients are sourced in Upper Bavaria, where the Hermann’s production site is situated and they believe that quality and ethical values are very important so all animals are slaughtered at the respective farms to avoid transporting the animals. All animal feed is closely monitored and antibiotics or other growth-promoting substances are strictly forbidden. It is also very important that all animals are raised free-range or in conditions where they have regular access to open spaces. Hermann’s Menu cat food is enriched with easy-to-digest carbohydrates (rice, quinoa, kamut) and an extra portion of vegetables (spinach, pumpkin, carrots). It is gently steamed to provide your pet with a delicious complete nutrition. Herrmann’s Menu Cat Food is natural, species-appropriate nutrition for your cat: Cats are carnivores, as a species-appropriate, healthy cat food Herrmann’s Menu has an extra high meat content of 96% Meat from farms where animals are organically reared and humanely slaughtered – love for animals is not limited to cats. Carrots, spinach, and pumpkins from certified organic farms (Demeter) provide essential vitamins and minerals as well as fibre for a healthy digestion. A small proportion of rice, kamut, quinoa in Herrmann’s Organic-Menu provide carbohydrates for strength and endurance. Herrmann’s Cat is gently prepared in order to retain the full nutritional content of natural vitamins and minerals. The entire production process meets the requirements of the German organic food certifier, Biokreis. The premium quality of Herrmann’s Cat Food is tested and certified by the German organic certification firms Biokreis and Lakon. Herrmann’s Cat Food is free of artificial preservatives and other additives. Only premium, unadulterated ingredients, no fillers, flavouring, or attractants. Herrmann’s Cat Food is especially easy to digest and is extraordinarily agreeable.


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