Just For Puppy Poop Bag Dispenser


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Handy clip, lightweight. Poop bags help you clean up your dog’s mess quickly and easily. Our poop bag dispenser can be attached to a lead, belt loop or simply fit into you pocket. To keep our public places clean and tidy, the law requires us to be responsible for the mess our dog makes. To avoid suffocation keep bags away from babies, young children and pets. Please examine the item regularly for wear and tear, replacing it if damage occurs or parts become detached. Approximate Dimensions (Product): 4.8 x 8.4 x 7cm$DeliveryInformation$Delivery OptionsFree Collect in StoreStandard delivery £2.95 (Free for orders over £39) Choose Your Delivery Day £2.95 (Free for orders over £39) Next Day delivery £4.95 $DeliveryInformation$


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