Leonardo All Meat – Kitten – 6 x 400g

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Kittens are particularly good at digesting and absorbing the proteins and nutrients from meat and fish. That’s why Leonardo All Meat sticks to using fresh meat or freshly caught fish. The quality ingredients are really healthy, so you only need a small amount of food to provide your cat with its daily requirement of nutrients. The gently prepared meals are really tasty and popular with picky felines. Leonardo All Meat is free from grain and gluten making it better for kittens with allergies or food intolerances. The selection of top ingredients along with the gentle preparation makes it highly digestible. Kittens need essential taurine as well as vitamins and minerals to strengthens their heart and eyesight. Leonardo All Meat is completely free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. There’s a flavour for every palate – a yummy treat for every day! Leonardo All Meat – Kitten at a glance: High quality wet food for kittens No grains or gluten: ideal for food-sensitive cats with a grain intolerance and for allergy cats Large amount of meat and/or fish: for plenty of healthy proteins and nutrients Top ingredients: fresh meat and/or freshly caught fish for high biological value. Tasty ad easy to digest Contains taurine: to support vision and heart function Vital Ingredients Mix: with vitamins, minerals trace elements With high quality salmon oil Kept moist in the can No artificial colours, aromas or preservatives With an easy to open practical ring-pull top


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