Les Poochs Botanique F&T Degreaser – 236 ml


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Les Poochs Botanique F&T Degreaser Les pooch shampoos are considered by top breeders and styling professionals to be the finest in the world. From show shampoos and crème rinses to the hypo-allergenic and medicated line, Les Poochs use only the finest ingredients delivering the very best finish to both coat and skin. This unique blend of twelve natural oils which, combined together, produce one the most effective multi-purpose degreasing cleanser in the world. A truly remarkable all natural formula great for removing ear wax, dried food, crust from ears, chins, and whiskers. Removes tar and gum, sebaceous oil, excess ear medication, yeast build up and “stud tail”. Most Effective Multi-purpose Degreasing Cleanser in the World The ultimate emergency solution Use on any breed Wonder product


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