Les Poochs Le Pooch Puppy Fragrance – 100ml


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Le Pooch Puppy Fragrance This stunning fragrance is suitable for male and female puppies. Features the truly distinctive scent of Linden Blossom, which has natural characteristics of gentle, clean, fresh, sweet notes. Everthing you would expect from the finest puppy fragrance. This also makes a wonderful gift for new puppy owners. Les Poochs – The Company Les Poochs company began in 1987, when they manufactured two classic fragrances for a world-renowned New York City department store. The fragrances became an instant success and began outselling many of the top human fragrances. The company has now expanded their grooming range and their fragrance range which includes the beautiful Pooch Puppy and the highly sought after VIP fragrance. What is different about Les Poochs fragrances? Scents are derived from essential oils, which have been sourced from around the world and chosen for their top quality purposes. The fragrances are compounded in the South of France They are manufactured to top human grade quality standards – you can expect only the highest quality from Les Poochs They feature a unique technology which is designed to have a high retention (last on the coat for longer) but do not affect the dog’s highly sensitive olfactory senses (sense of smell)


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