Miamor Cat Snack Malt-Cream & Cheese – 6 x 15g


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Miamor Cat Snack Malt-Cream & Cheese is a tasty special cream for cats, designed to reduce hairball build up. The creamy cat snack contains an exquisite cheese flavour alongside essential fibre and digestive malt extract, which helps to naturally move swallowed hairs through the system. It can help to reduce the build up of hairballs. Cats are extremely clean animals, cleaning themselves throughout the day. This means that hairs are often swallowed and can form hairballs in the system, particularly common in long-haired cats. These Miamor Cat Snack Malt-Cream & Cheese not only provide your cat with great flavour but can also relieve the stomach and support daily coat care. These creamy portions are individually packed for daily fresh flavour. This makes it easy to provide daily treats! Miamor Cat Snack Malt-Cream & Cheese at a glance: Special cream to combat hairballs Suitable for all cats Ideal as a snack between meals With malt extract and valuable fibres Can help promote the movement of swallowed hairs through the system Can help support your cat’s daily coat care Free from sugar and colourings Miamor Cat Snack Malt-Cream & Cheese – the liquid snack to enjoy.


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