Perfect Fit Sensitive 1+ Pouches – Saver Pack: 24 x 85g Chicken in Sauce

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Many cats react sensitively to certain foods, whether it be because their stomach and digestive system cannot process all ingredients, or because they have a weaker immune system. Sensitive cats require specialised nutrition, with balanced and easy to digest recipes. Perfect Fit Sensitive 1+ Pouches with chicken or salmon in a tasty sauce have been developed by veterinarians and nutritional experts to contain a “Total 5” formula that cares for five key aspects of health to ensure that every cat can enjoy a healthy lifestyle, regardless of its age or lifestyle. Perfect Fit Sensitive 1+ offers sensitive cats the perfect combination of nutrients, as well as delicious flavour. It is made exclusively from high quality ingredients and is free from artificial colours and preservatives. Premium protein, carbohydrates and fat, as well as an optimal vitamin and mineral content, help to offer your cat the kind of complete nutrition it would receive in the wild. Perfect Fit comes in practical portioned pouches, which guarantee the perfect portion size and fresh flavour at every meal. Perfect Fit Sensitive 1+ Pouches at a glance: Complete food for cats over the age of 1 year Protein sources: chicken or salmon With “Total 5” Formula: Optimal weight control and body shape Healthy urinary tract Healthy digestion Strong immune defences Healthy skin and glossy coat Balanced nutritional profile Uses premium quality ingredients Free from artificial colours and preservatives In practical portioned pouches


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