Purina Pro Plan Vet Diet Feline Ur Urinary Mousse Turkey Cat Food 24X195G


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Purina PRO PLAN are committed to producing the most innovative diets based on cutting edge proven science to support optimal health and wellbeing in dogs and cats. The Purina PRO PLAN Veterinary Diets range are only available for pets with specific health conditions and should be used under Veterinary guidance. The Purina PRO PLAN Veterinary Diet Feline UR St/Ox Urinary is a complete veterinary diet for cats with Urinary Tract Conditions. PRO PLAN UR is specially formulated to help dissolve struVitamine urinary crystals and stones and helps reduce the risk of urinary stones recurring (struVitamine and calcium oxalate).The food can also help nutritionally manage feline iodiopathic cystitis by increasing water intake and encouraging the production of dilute urine. The PRO PLAN UR food contains nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids and natural sources of glycosaminoglycans which help support the health of the urinary tract. Please note that all indications for the Purina PRO PLAN Veterinary Diet are for the dietary support of cats with the listed conditions and do not preclude appropriate medical management. The veterinary diets should be used under veterinary supervision and are not suitable for pregnant queens, growing kittens and cats with chronic kidney disease. Important information. This is a veterinary diet product – it is really important that it is only used specifically for a pet that has been recommended this product by a veterinary professional.A vet will be able to give you all of the information and advice you may need regarding your pet’s condition. We recommend that you seek veterinary advice at least every 6 months once you start using this veterinary diet to make sure that it is still appropriate. If your pet’s health deteriorates in any way, please contact your vet immediately. Please note that by adding this product to your basket you have read and understood the above information. Approximate Dimensions (Product): 9.4 x 26.2 x 35cm$Nutrition$Composi


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