Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dog – Skin Care – 8kg

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Skin complaints present a variety of symptoms, but the most common are itching, inflammation, flaky skin or excessive hair loss. If you want to help to alleviate your dog’s symptoms long-term, it is advisable to change your dog’s nutrition to a dietetic food such as Royal Canin Veterinary Diet – Skin Care. This dry kibble is a veterinary diet that can be used to help in the treatment of dermatitis or dermatosis and to help to maintain the skin’s barrier function. The food contains a combination of high quality fatty acids from linseeds, borage oil, soya oil and fish oils, which all help to heal sensitive skin, whilst a special complex of B-vitamins and amino acids helps to boost the the skin’s barrier function. Selected nutrients also help to create a balanced gut flora and regulate bowel function. Recommended for (indications): Atopic dermatitis Dermatosis Flea saliva allergy dermatitis Hair loss Ichthyosis Otitis externa Pyoderma Wound healing Not recommended for (contraindications): Hyperlipidemia Pancreatitis Lactating bitches, pregnant bitches or puppies Key benefits: Skin care: Nutrition to support the care of sensitive skin (with fatty acids from linseeds, borage oil and fish oil). Skin protection: A patented nutrient complex (of B-vitamins and amino-acids) supports the skin’s barrier function. Antioxidant protection: A synergistic antioxidant complex helps to neutralize free radicals. Digestive care: Selected nutrients can help to promote a balanced gut flora and good digestive function. Duration of treatment: It is recommended that you start to use this food as soon as you notice symptoms starting to appear. Continue feeding this food exclusively for at least two months for best results. In cases of chronic dermatitis you should continue the special diet for the rest of your pet’s life.


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