Trixie Natura Small Animal Hutch with Insulation – 116 x 65 x 113 cm (L x W x H)

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The Trixie Natura Small Animal Hutch with Insulation gives your pet space to roam! The two levels can be separated to keep two pets apart. An integrated den gives your pet room to retreat and snooze the afternoon away. The hutch also features a closable door at ground level and a convenient, detachable plastic floor that easily pulls out for cleaning. The pine wood has been treated with a special glaze and the roof features a protective covering. This product can be used as a temporary daytime shelter, attached to an outdoor run, to help your rabbit stay protected from rain or cold. If you are looking for a rabbit hutch to house your rabbit overnight, please click here to see our full range of rabbit hutches. The Trixie Natura Small Animal Hutch with Insulation at a glance: Incl. styrofoam insulation Removable plastic covers for use over the wire mesh sections For use all year round Two pets can be kept separately or together Built-in sleeping area Roof can be opened from the top Special roof coating Ground-level, lockable door Plastic-coated floor that can be pulled out for easy cleaning Metal nubs on the hutch feet protect against damp and wet Incl. wires to attach water bottles (bottle not included in delivery) Made of specially treated pine Especially robust wire fencing Effortless assembly Also suitable for guinea pigs Please ensure that your pet gets plenty of exercise. In addition to your pet’s hutch, we recommend you provide a run for daily exercise Hutch measurements at a glance: External measurements: 116 x 113 x 65 cm (L x W x H) Internal measurements: W 99 x H 100 (incl. roof) / 95 (excl. roof) x D 52 cm Door size left: 62.5 x 37 cm (L x H) Door size right: 27 x 37 cm (L x H) Please note: the dimensions given also include the roof and not only the body of the hutch. For additional information regarding advised care, safety and liability, please read the attached “Hutch and Runs Information”. Please note: It is essential that rabbits and guinea pigs have enough space for freedom of movement – a hutch alone is not enough. Your pet also needs a separate, secured run to give them a safe space to exercise. Please take a look at our range of runs here. zooplus recommends that all outdoor rabbit hutches are positioned in a sheltered location, protected from potential predators and shaded on sunny days.


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