zoolove Cat Snacks Salmon & Hoki – 25g


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zoolove Cat Snacks Salmon Hoki are made with 100% pure fish and nothing else. The snacks contain 80% premium salmon and 20% white hoki fish which has been freeze-dried using a careful and lengthy process. A very low heat is applied to extract the water over a long period of time. This gentle, slow process helps to retain the rich, intensive taste of the fish as well as all the valuable nutrients. zoolove cat snacks are made using top quality fish and they are free from any artificial additives, preservatives or colour. These snacks are a tasty way to reward your cat and when you purchase zoolove cat snacks you are helping pets in need because 10%* of the sale price of each zoolove product goes to a selected animal charity. zoolove Cat Snacks Salmon Hoki at a glance Delicious treats made from pure fish Top quality, made from fresh ingredients Gently freeze-dried to retain all the valuable nutrients Very well accepted Recommended by trainers, breeders and vets 100 % natural – completely free from additives zoolove Cat Snacks taste amazing and your cat will adore them. Feed zoolove cat snacks between meals as a delicious treat or sprinkle a few over your cat’s food to make the meal extra special! Just a little means a lot – zoolove cares! ❤ zoolove: Just do good! For every zoolove product sold, 10% of the sales price is automatically donated, with 100% of this donation going to animal welfare charities. Every two months, a registered pet charity is carefully selected to enjoy some zoolove support. On our social network sites and the zooplus website, you will find detailed information on the current recipient of these donations, the current donation amount and what the donations are being used for. Thanks to this transparency, animal lovers have the chance to closely follow what is happening! * = excluding VAT


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