zooplus Classic with Game & Beef – 6 x 400g


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zooplus Classic with Game & Beef is a delicious wet dog food full of tasty muscle meat and nutritious offal. Natural animal protein and fat provide strength and energy for an active day. Your dog will love this scrumptious wet food! The Juicy chunks of game and beef make this balanced complete food a particularly mouth-watering treat. The high-quality fresh ingredients have been carefully prepared to ensure the highest digestibility. To ensure species-appropriate nutrition, zooplus Classic is free from grain and gluten, as well as artificial colours, flavours, attractants and preservatives. For the ultimate canine enjoyment! zooplus Classic with Game & Beef at a glance: Exclusive to zooplus: zooplus Classic is exclusive to zooplus. We asked our customers what they want to feed their pets and then used this information and our extensive experience in pet nutrition to create this great tasting food. We are pleased to present this range of wet dog food and hope you like it. 71% meat and offal: Naturally juicy chunks of meat and a particularly high meat content make for ultimate enjoyment. Highly-digestible: This balanced recipe contains a high proportion of fresh meat, making it extremely digestible. Strengthens the immune system: With unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids from safflower oil, for a stronger immune system and greater cell protection. Grain- and gluten-free recipe: For the best species-appropriate nutrition, zooplus Classic is free from grains and gluten. Lovingly prepared: The careful preparation process ensures that all valuable nutrients remain intact. Free from sugar, colours, flavours and attractants. Free from preservatives. Made in Germany. zooplus Classic wet food offers the best quality for the best price – for the good of your dog.


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